MERLIN & VLBI Science highlights

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MERLIN Science Publications

Most MERLIN science results are submitted for publication in various scientific journals and appear as pre-prints. Many, but not all, of these can be downloaded via ADS and/or astro-ph.

Note: Only papers that use the word MERLIN in the abstract or title will be included in these lists. So these are far from exhastive. A more comprehensive list of MERLIN publications is included within each MERLIN Biennial report.

MERLIN Presentations:

Below are a few science presentations containing MERLIN and/or VLBI results. If you have recently presented either MERLIN or VLBI results, we would like to include you talk below. If so please email ( us a pdf of your presentation.

EVN Symposia:

Many MERLIN and VLBI related results have been presented at EVN Symposia. The proceedings for various EVN Symposia are available on line.