This schedule was drawn up in consultation the MERLIN TAG and the scientific staff at Jodrell Bank, and takes account of our perceptions of the scientific needs of users and the scientific strengths of MERLIN. We would be grateful for your views on this schedule, and any other suggestions you may have. . Please show it to others in your department who may be interested. It is planned to issue a 1-year forward look like this with every PATT call for proposals. In this way it should be easier to plan MERLIN measurements for PhD projects.

The PROVISIONAL schedule is as follows:

Semester Dates Frequency Band Proposal Deadline
05A February 05 - June 05 1.4-1.7GHz 15 September 04
05B October 05 - January 06 22GHz / 5GHz (& 6-7GHz) / 1.4-1.7GHz

15 March 05

06A February 06 - June 06 22GHz / 5GHz (& 6-7GHz) / 1.4-1.7GHz

15 September 05

06B October 06 - January 07 22GHz / 5GHz (& 6-7GHz) / 1.4-1.7GHz

15 March 06

07A February 07 - June 07 22GHz / 5GHz (& 6-7GHz) / 1.4-1.7GHz

15 September 06

07B October 07 - January 08 22GHz / 5GHz (& 6-7GHz) / 1.4-1.7GHz

15 March 07

08A February 08 - June 08 22GHz / 5GHz (& 6-7GHz) / 1.4-1.7GHz

31 October 07

08B October 08 - January 09 22GHz / 5GHz (& 6-7GHz) / 1.4-1.7GHz

30 April 08

09A February 09 - June 09 5GHz (& 6-7GHz) / 1.4-1.7GHz

30 September 08

Please note that during Semester 09A MERLIN operations will continue at a reduced level as e-MERLIN is commissioned. Observations will be on a 'best efforts' basis and the MERLIN operations team will make every effort to obtain data for highly-rated proposals. Not all MERLIN antennas may be available during Semester 09A and observations may have to be restricted to a sub-set of telescopes

Frequency flexibility between L, C-Band operations should be available. This will permit frequency band changes between complete observing runs. Full frequency flexibility, allowing band changes every few minutes will be available for full e-MERLIN operations.

Blocks of e-MERLIN commissioning time will be scheduled in addition to approved user time.

There are no current plans for sessions at 151 and 408MHz. These frequencies can be made available with one year's notice. Because of ionospheric limitations 151-MHz is a useful MERLIN frequency only near sunspot minimum.