MERLIN Semester 06B Time Awards

The MERLIN Time Allocation Group of the Panel for the Allocation of Telescope Time met on 1st June 2006 to consider 31 proposals for Semester 06B (1st October 2006 - 31st January 2007). Proposals were received for L-Band (1.4 - 1.7 GHz), C-Band (4.5 - 5.2 & 6.0 - 6.8 GHz), and K-Band (22.0 - 24.0 GHz). The amount of time approved is set by scheduling constraints, and by EVN commitments within Semester 06B. There is one EVN session within this period (16th - 30th November 2006).

The Lovell telescope will be available for L-Band and C-Band MERLIN operations during Semester 06B. The MERLIN homestation is the Mk2 telescope unless stated otherwise.

Detailed feedback will be circulated to as soon as possible after the provisional allocation appears on the MERLIN website.

Time was awarded in the following categories:

A and TO: Highest priority -- Observations are not guaranteed, but in the past all or almost all of the observations in this category are usually completed. TO time is for Target of Opportunity observations. Should these not arise they are covered by additional B priority time.

B: Lower priority -- No commitment is given to complete observations in this category, though a significant number are usually observed. For certain projects, this may include observations with a subset of the MERLIN array.

C: Fill-in -- Short observations of a few hours duration for projects in this category may be used to fill scheduling gaps in the A, and B programmes.

Programmes with K P Status are MERLIN KEY PROGRAMMES. These projects may be awarded large amounts of time, but on the condition that the data be made available to the community in an easily digestible form within a year of the completion of the observations. Observations may span more than one Semester. Information of any KEY PROGRAMME commitments for observations in later Semesters is not listed here but is contained within the detailed feedback forwarded to the project PI.

Please note that the information given here is PROVISIONAL. Official notification will be distributed from PATT in Swindon.

Programme Status: Not Started, Under Way, Completed, Finished-programme may not have been fully completed.

MN/R/06B/01 The magnetic field of water fountain sources from OH maser polzarization - Wouter Vlemmings 5 Runs B - - Under Way
MN/R/06B/02 The 6.7 GHz methanol masers of Cepheus A - Wouter Vlemmings - 1 Run B - Completed
MN/R/06B/03 Are OH masers tracing an outflow in W3(OH)? - Vincent Fish - 1 Runs A - Completed
MN/R/06B/04 Accurate positions of methanol masers from the MMB survey - Jim Cohen - 4 Runs B - Completed
MN/R/06B/05 Gas bubbling and restarted radio activity in cluster 2A 0335+096 - Simona Giacintucci C-Time - - Finished
MN/R/06B/06 Search for low-luminosity AGN in a sample of nearby early-type S-f galaxies - Emmanouel Rovilos - - - -
MN/R/06B/07 Satellite OH absorption lines in NGC3079 - Matthew Strong - - - -
MN/R/06B/08 Tracking the RS Oph remnant in break out - Stewart Eyres - 3 Runs A (See Notes) - Completed
MN/R/06B/09 Resolving the radio core of a quiescent stellar mass black hole - Elena Gallo - - - -
MN/R/06B/10 Small-separation gravitational lenses - Neal Jackson - 7 Runs A - Completed
MN/T/06B/11 Relativistic ejections from transient high-energy astrophysical phenomena - Rob Fender - - - -
MN/R/06B/12 Deep C-band multi-frequency observations of M82 - Tom Muxlow - 6 Runs A (Lovell) + 3 Runs B - Completed
MN/R/06B/13 A survey of low-power compact steep spectrum sources - Magdalena Kunert 4 Runs B - - Completed
MN/R/06B/14 HI observations of the circumnuclear regions of NGC6764 and NG1482 - Rob Beswick - - - -
MN/R/06B/15 Does the Ursa Minor dwarf spheroidal galaxy host an intermediate-mass BH - Michael Bietenholz - 1 Run A (Lovell) - Completed
MN/R/06B/16 Searching for high asymmetry gravitational lens systems - Ian Browne - - - -
MN/R/06B/17 High resolution radio observations of intermediate-z X-ray bright AGN - Jens Zuther 1 Run A (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/R/06B/18 Tracing the HI in central regions of highly luminous IR galaxies - Miguel Perez-Torres 2 Runs A (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/R/06B/19 Wind-collision evolution in WR140 - Sean Dougherty - - 2 Runs A (See Notes) Not Started
MN/R/06B/20 Proper motion of the radio components in WR146 - Sean Dougherty - - 1 Run B Not Started
MN/R/06B/21 Monitoring of radio supernovae and HI absorption in nearby starbursts - Megan Argo C-Time - - Finished
MN/R/06B/22 Observational tests for active binary star magnetospheres - Vito Graffagnino - - - -
MN/R/06B/23U Methanol and 6 GHz OH masers in discs and outflows - Malcolm Gray Time to be taken from with UMIST GTO allocation Completed
MN/R/06B/24 Monitoring of OH outburst in a proto-planetary nebula - Marian Scymczak 1 Run B - - Completed
MN/R/06B/25 Is there an evolutionary sequence among AGB stars? - Sandra Etoka - - - -
MN/R/06B/26 4C74.26: Investigating the most X-ray luminous hotspot - Katherine Blundell 1 Run B - - Completed
MN/R/06B/27 Determine absolute positions of methanol masers - Ye Xu - 2 Runs B - Completed
MN/R/06B/28 Mapping of RC J0311+0507 at L, C, and K-band - Yuri Parijskij 1 Run B C-Time - Completed
MN/T/06B/29 Target of opportunity observations of nearby type II supernovae - Rob Beswick 3 Runs TO - Completed
MN/T/06B/30 Target of opportunity observations of novae - Stewart Eyres 6 Runs TO in Semester 07A (See Notes) - Not Started
MN/T/06B/31 MERLIN polarization observations of GRS 1915+105 - Anthony Rushton 5 Runs TO - Completed
Existing Commitments
MN/04A/06 H2O masers in protoplanetary discs - Jack Gallimore - - 1 Run A Under Way
MN/06A/10 Water masers in proto-stars associated with methanol - Marian Szymczak - - 6 Runs A Under Way
MN/R/06B/UMIST UMIST GTO 1 Run A (Lovell) + 2 Runs A 1 Run A (Lovell) + 3 Runs A - Completed
Director's Override 2 Runs TO
Notes on MN/R/06B/08 Specific dates requested
Notes on MN/R/06B/19 Specific dates requested
Notes on MN/T/06B/30 No time this Semester, but Long Term Status to Semester 07A