Key Programmes

It is intended to introduce the concept of KEY PROGRAMMES. Such programmes will be considered by the MERLIN TAG during its normal meetings and the following points about them should be noted:-

  1. KEY PROGRAMME proposals are likely to involve more than 10 days of actual observing time.

  2. KEY PROGRAMME proposals have a greater chance of success if they involve a significant collaboration.

  3. The scientific and technical case is likely to be more extensive than for a standard proposal.

  4. Particular attention will be paid to the plans for data reduction and publication of results.

  5. Proprietary rights are as for all MERLIN proposals. i.e. MERLIN data may be put in the public domain 1 year after the end of the Semester in which they were taken.

  6. Key Programs are regarded as providing a heritage of data which are likely to be of interest to the wider community. We ask that, upon publication of your results (or sooner) you make these available electronically, if possible including calibrated uv and image data. This is so that they can be included in the MERLIN Archive without lengthy re-reduction. You will be fully credited.