These web-pages are maintained as legacy pages for the MERLIN array. The old MERLIN array has now been enhanced and upgraded to form e-MERLIN resulting in a massive increase in sensitivity and observational capbilities. As such the traditional MERLIN system is now not observing. e-MERLIN is however completely operational and open to all scientist. Please see the e-MERLIN webpages for further details of the capabilities and opportunities to observe with e-MERLIN.



e-MERLIN Legacy programme - Full list of allocated projects - February 2009

MERLIN Newsletter No. 17 - October 2007

EVN Newsletter No. 17 - May 2007

MERLIN and VLBI images of the 2006 outburst from RS Ophiuchi. See the MERLIN movie of RS Ophiuchi.

Welcome to the MERLIN homepage

MERLIN, operated by Jodrell Bank Observatory, is the Multi-Element Radio Linked Interferometer Network, an array of radio telescopes distributed around Great Britain, with separations of up to 217km. It operates at frequencies ranging from 151 MHz to 24 GHz. At 5GHz, the resolution of MERLIN is better than 50 milliarcseconds, somewhat greater than that of the Hubble Space Telescope.

MERLIN is operated by the University of Manchester as a National Facility of the Science and Technology Facilitie s Council (STFC), and is available for use on a peer-review basis, with observing proposals dealt with by the Panel for Allocation of Telescope Time (PATT). The National Facility also hosts Jodrell Bank Observatory's VLBI participation, linking telescopes across Europe.