MERLIN Semester 99B Time Awards

The MERLIN Time Allocation Group of the Panel for the Allocation of Telescope Time met on 3rd June 1999 to consider 45 proposals for Semester 99B (1st September 1999 to 31st January 2000. Proposals were received for K-Band (21 - 24 GHz), C-Band (4.5 - 5.2 GHz) and L-Band (1.4 - 1.7 GHz). The amount of time approved in each band is set both by the approved time in the successful proposals and joint EVN+MERLIN commitments within Semester 99B. There are two EVN sessions within this period (September 9th to 30th, and November 12th to December 3rd). Due to projected Lovell telescope engineering commitments during Semesters 00A and 00B, a substantial allocation of L-Band Lovell time has been given during Semester 99B. Consequently, the time available for C-Band and K-Band observations is very restricted. Some approved C and K-Band time has been allocated to run over into the start of Semester 00A, but PIs for many C-Band and K-Band proposals which were not given time will be invited to repropose for Semester 00A which will be entirely C and K-Band. PIs should check their detailed feedback carefully when it is mailed to them. The MERLIN homestation is the Mk2 telescope unless otherwise stated.

Time was awarded in the following categories:

A and TO: Highest priority -- Observations are not guaranteed, but in the past all or almost all of the observations in this category are usually completed. TO time is for Target of Opportunity observations. Should these not arise they are covered by additional B priority time.

B: Lower priority -- No commitment is given to complete observations in this category, though a significant number are usually observed. For certain projects, this may include observations with a subset of the MERLIN array.

C: Fill-in -- Short observations of a few hours duration for projects in this category may be used to fill scheduling gaps in the A and B programme.

Programmes with K P Status are MERLIN KEY PROGRAMMES. These projects may be awarded large amounts of time, but on the condition that the data be made available to the community in an easily digestible form within a year of the completion of the observations. Observations may span more than one Semester. Information of any KEY PROGRAMME commitments for observations in later Semesters is not listed here but is contained within the detailed feedback forwarded to the project PI.

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MN/99B/01 MERLIN and HST Observations of Symbiotic Stars 2 Runs A (Lovell) +4 Runs A 4 Runs A -
MN/99B/02 A Jet in the Sombrero? - - -
MN/99B/03 Eclipse Mapping of Active Binary Stars - - -
MN/99B/04 Radio Jets and Dynamics of FRII Radio Sources - C Time -
MN/99B/05 Jets and Masers in YSOs - - 2 Runs A
MN/99B/06 High-resolution mapping of H2O masers in AGN - - -
MN/99B/07 Jet Evolution in Nearby FRI Radio Galaxies - - -
MN/99B/08 The Nature of Low-Luminosity AGN 5 Runs A - -
MN/99B/09 The Origin of H-alpha Shells in NGC 4449 1 Run A (Lovell) 1 Run A -
MN/99B/10 A Second Epoch Observation of the Massive YSO S140 IRS 1 - 1 Run A -
MN/99B/11 A High Resolution Study of Massive YSO with a Methanol Maser Disk - - 1 Run A
MN/99B/12 Imaging of X-Ray Luminous Starburst Galaxies - C Time -
MN/99B/13 Resolving the Synchrotron Jet in W3-H2O - 1 Run A -
MN/99B/14 Relativistic Ejections from X-Ray Transients 6 Runs TO In Any Band
MN/99B/15 Identification of Cores in Large Compact Symmetric Objects - - -
MN/99B/16 MERLIN/VLBA Monitoring of WR140 - - -
MN/99B/17 A Pilot Study for Astrometry of Stars with Water Masers: U Her - - 1 Run A
MN/99B/18 Mapping the Winds of Four Stars in CYG OB 2 - - -
MN/99B/19 4.7 GHz OH Maser Outburst in W 75N - 1 Run A -
MN/99B/20 A Search for 22-GHz H2O Maser Emission from PPN Objects - - 2 Runs A
MN/99B/21 Evolution of Circumstellar H2O Masers in Miras and SRs - - 5 Runs A (+6 Runs A In 00A)
MN/99B/22 Evolution of H2O Masers in the CSE of Red Supergiants - - -
MN/99B/23 22 GHz Masers and Continuum in Sy 2 Galaxies and LINERs - - 4 Runs A
MN/99B/24 22 GHz Masers and Radio Continuum Observations of Miras - - -
MN/99B/25 Velocity Variations of H2O Masers in Star-forming Regions - - -
MN/99B/26 Targets of Opportunity: Classical and Recurrent Novae - 4 Runs TO (In Either C Or K-Band)
MN/99B/27 Symbiotic Stars: Observations of HST Snapshot Targets - - -
MN/99B/28 Monitoring of the Slow Nova V723 Cas - - -
MN/99B/29 Imaging the H2O Masers in S68 FIRS 1 - - 1 Run A (+1 Run A In 00A)
MN/99B/30 HI Absorption Observations of OH Megamaser Galaxies 5 Runs A (Lovell) - -
MN/99B/31 T-o-O Observations of New X-ray Transients - - -
MN/99B/32 Proposal Withdrawn - - -
MN/99B/33 Multi-wavelength Observations of Cyg X-3 - - -
MN/99B/34 Combined Radio/X-ray Observations of SS433 3 Runs B - -
MN/99B/35 Further Observations of the Plateau State of GRS 1915+10 3 Runs TO (In Any Band)
MN/99B/36 A High-Resolution L-Band Image of NGC1275 - - -
MN/99B/37 A Search for Compact Luminous SNR in Nearby Galaxies 1 Run A + 3 Runs B - -
MN/99B/38 Follow-up of 6" to 60" Lens Candidates 3 Runs B - -
MN/99B/39 A Variable Radio Core in Markarian 3? - - -
MN/99B/40 Using Supernova Remnants to Calibrate SFRs in Galaxies 9 Runs B 3 Runs B -
MN/99B/41 Origin of Non-Thermal Emission in O-Stars - 5 Runs B -
MN/99B/42 Time-Resolved Coronal Observations of ER Vul 3 Runs A - -
MN/99B/43 Two Component Radio Structure in WR146? - - -
MN/99B/44 Radio Imaging of Star Formation in Distant Galaxies 17 Runs A (Lovell) + K P Status - -
MN/99B/45 The Proper Motions of Young Pulsars 2 Runs A (Lovell) + 7 Runs A - -
MN/98B/18 Sakurai's Object - A Star Undergoing A Final Helium Flash - 4 Runs TO (LT Status from 98B) -
MN/99A/11 A Deep Radio/Submillimetre Survey 10 Runs A (Lovell) - -
MN/99A/33 Sub-mJy Radio Galaxies And The X-Ray Background 8 Runs A (Lovell) - -
MN/99B/44 Radio Imaging of Star Formation in Distant Galaxies 9 Runs A (Lovell) In 00A - -
Director's Override 2 Runs TO

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