MERLIN Semester 03A Time Awards

The MERLIN Time Allocation Group of the Panel for the Allocation of Telescope Time met on 12th December 2002 to consider 33 proposals for Semester 03A (1st February 2003 to 31st July 2003). Proposals were received for Methanol (6 GHz - Mk2 and Cambridge only), and L-Band (1.4 - 1.7 GHz). The amount of time approved in each band is set by the approved time in the successful proposals, underlying scheduling constraints, and by EVN commitments within Semester 03A. There are two EVN sessions within this period (6th - 27th February, and 22nd May - 12th June).

The Lovell telescope will be available for MERLIN operations during Semester 03A. Observations involving the Lovell telescope are marked as such. The default homestation for MERLIN is the Mk2 telescope.

Detailed feedback will be circulated to as soon as possible after the provisional allocation appears on the MERLIN website.

Time was awarded in the following categories:

A and TO: Highest priority -- Observations are not guaranteed, but in the past all or almost all of the observations in this category are usually completed. TO time is for Target of Opportunity observations. Should these not arise they are covered by additional B priority time.

B: Lower priority -- No commitment is given to complete observations in this category, though a significant number are usually observed. For certain projects, this may include observations with a subset of the MERLIN array.

C: Fill-in -- Short observations of a few hours duration for projects in this category may be used to fill scheduling gaps in the A, and B programmes.

Programmes with K P Status are MERLIN KEY PROGRAMMES. These projects may be awarded large amounts of time, but on the condition that the data be made available to the community in an easily digestible form within a year of the completion of the observations. Observations may span more than one Semester. Information of any KEY PROGRAMME commitments for observations in later Semesters is not listed here but is contained within the detailed feedback forwarded to the project PI.

Please note that the information given here is PROVISIONAL. Official notification will be distributed from PATT in Swindon.

Programme Status: Not Started, Under Way, Completed, Finished-programme may not have been fully completed.

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MN/03A/01 High-resolution observations of OH in IRAS02524+2046 - Y. Zhi-yao - - - -
MN/03A/02 Target of opportunity observations of classical and recurrent novae - S.P.S. Eyres 4 Runs TO (See Notes) Not Started
MN/03A/03 Misalignment causes and collimation mechanism in blazar objects - Y.J. Chen - - - -
MN/03A/04 Relic radio galaxies - M. Murgia - - - -
MN/03A/05 A search for RSNs and SNRs in dwarf galaxies: the case of NGC4449 - A. Tarchi - - - -
MN/03A/06 HI absorption observations toward the ULIRG IRAS 17208-0014 - E. Momjian 1 Run A (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/07 Imaging Galactic HI absorption toward 3C111 and 3C123 - M. Faison 3 Runs A (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/08 High-frequency / high-resolution IPS studies of the inner solar wind - A.R. Breen C Time - - Completed
MN/03A/09 Re-observation of HI absorption against NGC2623 - A. Pedlar 1 Run A (Lovell) - - Not Started
MN/03A/10 The maser kinematics of the proto-planetary nebula IRAS 19312+1950 - H. Imai 3 Runs B - - Completed
MN/03A/11 The radio galaxy phenomenon from MERLIN obs. of cD galaxies - F. Stefanachi - - - -
MN/03A/12 Looking for MSO faders, the prematurely 'dying' CSS sources - M. Kunert 2 Runs B (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/13 An HI absorption study of the Medusa galaxy - S. Aalto 1 Run A (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/14 HI absorptions against local active galaxies - R.J. Beswick 5 Runs B (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/15 MERLIN L-band imaging of the kpc-scale Jet of 3C279 - T. Cheung 1 Run B - - Completed
MN/03A/16 Investigating the radio structures of the binary QSO LBQS 0015+023 - J.F.H. Quick - - - -
MN/03A/17 18 cm imaging of gravitational lens candidates - D. Haarsma 1 Run B (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/18 Continuum observations of IC 4593 - I. Bains 3 Runs B (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/19 Extended structure in CLASS B0631+519 - T. York 1 Run A (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/20 Deep observations of CLASS B0445+123 - N.J. Jackson 1 Run A (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/21 Radio emission from the redshift 6.28 quasar 1030+0524 - T. Cheung - - - -
MN/03A/22 Full polarization imaging of OH emission from two proto-stars - M. Szymczak - - - -
MN/03A/23 Astrometry of methanol maser sources - M. Szymczak - C Time (Methanol) - Completed
MN/03A/24 Imaging OH masers around high mass proto-stellar objects - G. Fuller 4 Runs A (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/25 Is there a large population of FRI-quasars? - K. Blundell - - - -
MN/03A/26 The fast wind of V4334 Sgr (Sakurai's object) - S.P.S.Eyres - - - -
MN/03A/27 Monitoring the circumnuclear star-burst of NGC7469 - L. Colina 1 Run B (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/28 Triggering star-formation or AGN in interacting systems - P. Alexander - - - -
MN/03A/29 The OH satellite lines in Arp220 - C.J. Lonsdale 2 Runs A (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/03A/30 MERLIN observations of highly asymmetric radio sources - D.J. Saikia - - - -
MN/03A/31 The structures of extreme-z radio galaxies - K. Blundell - - - -
MN/03A/32 Relativistic ejections from X-ray transients - R.P. Fender 4 Runs TO (See Notes) Completed
MN/03A/33 20cm observations of NGC3079 - K.A. Wills 2 Runs A (Lovell) - - Completed
Existing Commitments
MN/01B/24 The proper motions of young pulsars - B. Anderson 6 Runs A (Lovell) - - Not Started
MN/02B/01 High-resolution imaging of an unbiased sample of SCUBA-selected galaxies - R.J. Ivison 20 Runs A (Lovell) - - Completed
MN/02B/10 Radio-loud BAL QSOs: massive galaxies in formation? - S. Rawlings 12 Runs B - - Completed
MN/02B/11 Radio properties of typical high-redshift radio sources - S. Rawlings 8 Runs A - - Completed
MN/02B/20 Simultaneous observations of Galactic gamma-ray sources with INTEGRAL - R.E. Spencer 10 Runs A - - Completed
MN/02B/22 Imaging shock structure(s) within PSR B1951+32's plerion & CTB80 - A. Golden 8 Runs A (See notes) - - Completed
Director's Override 2 Runs TO
Notes on MN/02B/22 Contingent on matching VLA data
Notes on MN/03A/02 Up to 4 runs per Semester & Long-Term Status to Semester 04A
Notes on MN/03A/32 Up to 4 runs per Semester & Long-Term Status to Semester 04A

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