MERLIN Semester 99A Time Awards

The MERLIN Time Allocation Group of the Panel for the Allocation of Telescope Time met on 9th December 1998 to consider 42 proposals for Semester 99A (1st February 1999 to 31st August 1999. Proposals were received for C-Band (4.5 - 5.2 GHz) and L-Band (1.4 - 1.7 GHz). The amount of time approved in each band is set both by the approved time in the successful proposals and joint EVN+MERLIN commitments within Semester 99A. There are two EVN sessions within this period (February 11th to March 2nd, and May 27th to June 17th). The MERLIN homestation is the Mk2 telescope unless otherwise stated.

Time was awarded in the following categories:

A and TO: Highest priority -- Observations are not guaranteed, but in the past all or almost all of the observations in this category are usually completed. TO time is for Target of Opportunity observations. Should these not arise they are covered by additional B priority time.

B: Lower priority -- No commitment is given to complete observations in this category, though a significant number are usually observed. For certain projects, this may include observations with a subset of the MERLIN array.

C: Fill-in -- Short observations of a few hours duration for projects in this category may be used to fill scheduling gaps in the A and B programme.

Programmes with K P Status are MERLIN KEY PROGRAMMES. These projects may be awarded large amounts of time, but on the condition that the data be made available to the community in an easily digestible form within a year of the completion of the observations. Observations may span more than one Semester. Information of any KEY PROGRAMME commitments for observations in later Semesters is not listed here but is contained within the detailed feedback forwarded to the project PI.

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MN/99A/01 Do Supernova Remnants Survive In Super Star Clusters: The Case For NGC1569 1 Run A (Lovell) 1 Run A
MN/99A/02 Observations Of Stephan's Quintet 2 Runs A 1 Run B
MN/99A/03 Co-ordinated Interplanetary Scintillation Measurements Of Solar Wind Acceleration Scans on 0318+164 -
MN/99A/04 OH Maser Observations Of R Cas And R Aql 2 Runs B -
MN/99A/05 Spectral Index Maps Of kpc-Scale Flat-Spectrum Sources 1 Run A -
MN/99A/06 Monitoring And ToO Observations Of Classical And Recurrent Novae 1 Run TO 1 Run TO
MN/99A/07 Large-Scale Structure In The Outer Wind Of Epsilon Ori - 3 Runs A
MN/99A/08 Observations Of The Expanding Remnant In CI Cam 1 Run TO 2 Runs TO
MN/99A/09 Combined Radio/X-Ray Observations Of SS433 3 Runs TO -
MN/99A/10 Full Polarization Mapping Of Circumstellar OH Shells 5 Runs A (Lovell) -
MN/99A/11 A Deep Radio/Submillimetre Survey 6 Runs A (Lovell) + K P Status -
MN/99A/12 Further Observations Of The Plateau State Of GRS 1915+105 3 Runs TO 3 Runs TO
MN/99A/13 Continuum Observations Of Young Planetary Nebulae 2 Runs A -
MN/99A/14 Symbiotic Stars : Component Motions And Stellar Positions 2 Runs B 3 Runs B
MN/99A/15 C And L Band Imaging Of OH Masers In Cep A 2 Runs A + C Time 1 Run B + C Time
MN/99A/16 Imaging The Possible Accretion Torus In NGC2110 - 1 Run B
MN/99A/17 A New Optically-Bright CLASS Lens 1 Run A + 3x1 hr Snapshots 1 Run A
MN/99A/18 Non-Thermal Components In Radio-Quiet Quasars 6 Runs B -
MN/99A/19 Continuum, OH And HI Line Observations Of PKS1830-211 1 Run A 1 Run A
MN/99A/20 Supernova Remnants In NGC 4490; A 'Young' Galaxy 2 Runs A 1 Run B
MN/99A/22 Imaging Of X-Ray Luminous Starburst Galaxies 6 Runs B -
MN/99A/23 CSS Sources In A Fainter Complete Sample - 1 Run B
MN/99A/24 Lensing In A Complete Sample Of Steep-Spectrum Radio Sources 3 Runs A -
MN/99A/26 Imaging The OH Maser Shells Around PPN Objects 10 Runs A -
MN/99A/27 Reobservation Of HI Absorption In 3C293 1 Run A -
MN/99A/28 Studies Of Selected Seyferts At 20cm 5 Runs B + C Time (With MN/99A/29) -
MN/99A/29 MERLIN Observations Of Ultraluminous IRAS Galaxies 5 Runs B + C Time (With MN/99A/28) -
MN/99A/30 6cm Observations Of SNR In M82 - 1 Run B
MN/99A/31 H And OH Absorption Against The Starburst In NGC2146 2 Runs A -
MN/99A/32 1.6 And 5GHz Observations Of The Starburst Galaxy NGC2146 C Time C Time
MN/99A/33 Sub-mJy Radio Galaxies And The X-Ray Background 8 Runs A (Lovell) + 2 Runs B + K P Status -
MN/99A/34 Search For A Central Star In The Class 0 Source S106 FIR - C Time
MN/99A/35 Towards A Detailed Understanding Of Symbiotic Novae - 2 Runs B
MN/99A/36 Mapping Excited OH Masers Close To Late-Type Stars - 2 Runs A + 2 Runs B
MN/99A/37 OH MERLIN Observations Of The Binary Mira Star O Cet 1 Run A -
MN/99A/38 OH Maser Polarimetry Of S Persei 2 Runs A -
MN/99A/39 A Deep MERLIN Survey Of The Orion Nebula - 8 Runs A + K P Status
MN/99A/40 OH Masers In SS433 Sprinkling Disk 1 Run A -
MN/98B/18 Sakurai's Object - A Star Undergoing A Final Helium Flash - 4 Runs TO (LT Status from 98B)
Director's Override 1 run TO 1 run TO

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