MERLIN Semester 98B Time Awards

The MERLIN Time Allocation Group of the Panel for the Allocation of Telescope Time met on 27th May 1998 to consider 31 proposals for Semester 98B (1st September 1998 to 31st January 1999. Proposals were received for C-band (4.5 - 5.2 GHz) and K-Band (21 - 24 GHz). The amount of time approved in each band is set by the approved time in the successful proposals. Some time is lost to engineering at the start of the Semester. This work is on receiver carousels at and is required in order to facilitate frequency flexibility. Major work in this area is planned for the Mk2 telescope. In addition, some elements of MERLIN are required for agreed VLBI commitments during November and December 1998.

Time was awarded in the following categories:

A and TO: Highest priority -- Observations are not guaranteed, but in the past all or almost all of the observations in this category are usually completed. TO time is for Target of Opportunity observations. Should these not arise they are covered by additional B priority time.

B: Lower priority -- No commitment is given to complete observations in this category, though a significant number are usually observed. For certain projects, this may include observations with a subset of the MERLIN array.

C: Fill-in -- Short observations of a few hours duration for projects in this category may be used to fill scheduling gaps in the A and B programme.

Starred* time is without the MERLIN homestation (Mk2).

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MN/98B/01 Morphology Of Southern Compact, Steep-Spectrum Quasars 11 runs B* -
MN/98B/04 Follow-Up Of ARCS Cluster Lens Candidates 3 runs A + 2 runs B -
MN/98B/05 Collimated Radio Structures In Seyfert Nuclei 5 runs A + 3 runs B (with MN/98B/27) -
MN/98B/06 Observations Of The Plateau State Of GRS1915+105 3 runs TO -
MN/98B/07 Evolution Of Circumstellar H2O Masers In a Mira - 4 runs A (with MN/98B/08)
MN/98B/08 Evolution Of H2O Maser Features In The Outflows Of Red Supergiants - 4 runs A (with MN/98B/07)
MN/98B/09 Imaging The H2O Masers In S68 FIRS 1 - 2 runs A
MN/98B/11 Observations Of JVAS/CLASS Gravitational Lens Candidates 4 runs A -
MN/98B/12 Survey Of A New Sample Of Compact Steep Spectrum Sources 2 runs B -
MN/98B/13 5GHz Studies Of Supernova Remnants In Nearby Starburst Galaxies 4 runs A + 4 runs C -
MN/98B/14 5GHz Monitoring Of The Starburst In M82 2 runs A -
MN/98B/15 Identifying Gravitational Lenses In CLASS-Phase 3 5 runs A -
MN/98B/16 The New Class Quint Lens 1359+154 1 run A + 1 run B -
MN/98B/17 OH Maser Flare In Mon R2 1 run C -
MN/98B/18 Sakurai's Object - A Star Undergoing Final Helium Shell Flash 4 runs TO + long-term status -
MN/98B/19 A Search For Superluminal Motion In The Nucleus Of M87 - 2 runs A
MN/98B/20 Eclipse Mapping Of Active Binary Stars 1 run A + 1 run B -
MN/98B/21 Observations Of WR147 3 runs B -
MN/98B/22 Monitoring And ToO Observations Of Classical And Recurrent Novae 4 runs B 4 runs TO (current band only)
MN/98B/23 Sub-Arcsec To Arcsec Radio Emission Of Gamma-Ray AGNs 1 run C -
MN/98B/24 Polarization Observations Of Circumstellar H2O Masers - 3 runs A
MN/98B/25 L1551 IRS5 Radio Jet: The Transition Of Radio Jets Into Optical Jets 2 runs B -
MN/98B/26 Radio Jets Associated With Young Stellar Objects 7 runs B -
MN/98B/27 Water Masers In Seyfert 2 Galaxies And LINERs 5 runs A + 3 runs B (with MN/98B/05) 3 runs A
MN/98B/28 Structure Of Water Masers In The Semi-Regular Stars - 2 runs C
MN/98B/29 Monitoring Of Radio Continuum Emission From Miras 3 runs B 3 runs B
MN/98B/30 Velocity Variations Of H2O Masers In Star-Forming Regions - 4 runs A
MN/98B/31 MERLIN Astrometry of Radio Stars 6 runs B* 1 run B*
Director's Override 1 run TO 1 run TO

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