MERLIN Semester 96B Time Awards

The MERLIN Time Allocation Group (TAG) met on 4th and 5th of June 1996 to consider applications for observing time on MERLIN during Semester 96B (October 1996 - January 1997). Following previous practice, the highest priority time is awarded A status. Observations cannot be guaranteed, though historically virtually all A status time has been observed. A status time for targets of opportunity is designated as TO time. Lower priority approved observations are awarded B status. No commitment is given to perform B status observations although a high proportion is usually achieved. Any gaps in the approved A and B status time is filled with even lower priority C status time. These are observations which can benifit from some MERLIN observations. Any observations made are likely to be short runs of only a few hours duration, dictated by the lengths of gaps which appear in the scheduling of higher priority programmes.

40 proposals were received for semester 96B giving an oversubscription rate of 2.4.

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MN/96B 01 Imaging The Core Of The Largest Bi-Polar Nebula 2 Runs B
MN/96B 02 T.O. Studies Of Classical And Recurrent Novae 2 Runs A (+3 Runs TO), +2 Runs B (+2 Runs B if TO Used)
MN/96B 03 Circumstellar environments Of WR146 And WR147 2 Runs C
MN/96B 04 MERLIN 5GHz Measurements Of The CfA Seyfert Sample 2 Runs A
MN/96B 05 Formaldehyde In Arp 220 - Mapping The Megamaser 3 Runs A
MN/96B 06 V729 Cyg - Locating The Source Of The Variable Emission 1 Run A
MN/96B 07 A MERLIN Observation Of The T Tauri System 1 Run A
MN/96B 08 Radiocontinuum Observations Of Mkn 79 1 Run C
MN/96B 09 Young Supernova Remnants In Nearby Starburst Galaxies 4 Runs A + 4 Runs B
MN/96B 10 Mapping The Jet Of 3C345 On Intermediate Scales, Part II 1 Run A
MN/96B 11 Radio Evolution Of HM Sge And V1016 Cyg 4 Runs A
MN/96B 12 The Cores Of Low Mass Protostars 3 Runs B
MN/96B 13 Continuum Observations Of Young Planetary Nebulae 7 Runs B
MN/96B 14 Quiescent Observations Of Cygnus X-3 6 Runs B
MN/96B 15 High Resolution Observations Of The LBV In G79.29+0.46 1 Run A
MN/96B 16 Proper Motion And Variability Of The Jet Features In R Aquarii 2 Runs A
MN/96B 18 High Resolution Mapping Of Beta Lyrae 2 Runs A (Joint Observations With MN/96B 24)
MN/96B 19 The PC- To KPC-Scale Regions Of The RQQ E1821+643 2 Runs B
MN/96B 20 Bipolar Radio Emission From Quiescent Symbiotic Stars 3 Runs A
MN/96B 21 The Extended Radio Envelope Of Betelgeuse 2 Runs B
MN/96B 22 Polarization Mapping Of The Jet In M87 2 Runs A
MN/96B 23 High-Resolution Imaging Of Radio-Quiet Quasars 10 Runs A
MN/96B 24 The Nature Of The Radio Emission Of Beta Lyrae 2 Runs A (Joint Observations With MN/96B 18)
MN/96B 25 Observations Of "Normal" Radio Galaxies At High Redshifts 10 Runs C
MN/96B 26 The Steep-Spectrum Cores Of 3C293 And 3C315 2 Runs B
MN/96B 27 Extreme Rotation Measure In The High-z RG 1744+180 1 Run B
MN/96B 28 The Radio/Near-IR Connection in High-z Radiogalaxies 2 Runs B + 7 Runs C
MN/96B 29 The Supernova Remnants In The Starburst Galaxy NGC2146 1 Run B
MN/96B 31 The Time-Variable Radio Morphology Of P Cygnii 5 Runs A
MN/96B 32 Observations Of The CLASS Gravitational Lens 0712+472 1 Run A
MN/96B 33 Identifying Gravitational Lenses In The CLASS Survey 4x24 Hours A
MN/96B 34 Astrometry Of Radio Stars 4 Runs A + 10 Runs B
MN/96B 35 MERLIN Snapshot Survey Of 118 FIRST Sources 2x24 Hours A
MN/96B 37 Survey Of A New Sample Of Compact Steep Spectrum Sources 3x24 Hours B
MN/96B 38 Time Delay Measurements In 0218+357 And The Hubble Constant 2 Runs A (Integrated) (Joint Observations With MN/96B 39)
MN/96B 39 Time Delay Monitoring Of The Gravitational Lens System 1608+656 2 Runs A (Intergrated) (Joint Observations With MN/96B 38)
MN/96B 40 Testing Gravitational Lens Models With J1934+504 1 Run A
Override For Unforseen High Priority Observations 2 Runs TO

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