MERLIN Semester 96A Time Awards

The MERLIN Time Allocation Group (TAG) met on 6th and 7th of December 1995 to consider applications for observing time on MERLIN during Semester 96A (February 1996 - July 1996). Following previous practice, the highest priority time is awarded A status. Observations cannot be guaranteed, though historically virtually all A status time has been observed. A status time for targets of opportunity is designated as TO time. Any gaps in the scheduled A status time is filled with lower priority B status time. This backup time is then further divided into categories B1 and B2 where B1 has the greater priority. B2 backup time is normally only considered if TO time is not utilised. No commitment is given to perform backup observations although a number of higher priority backup runs are usually achieved.

23 proposals were received for semester 96A giving an oversubscription rate of 1.5.

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MN/96A 01 Structures of H2O Maser Emission from Semi-Regular Stars 6 Runs B1
MN/96A 02 Imaging the H2O Maser Shell of the Symbiotic Mira R Aqr 2 Runs A
MN/96A 03 The First Maps of 23GHz Excited OH Radiation 2 Runs A
MN/96A 04 High Resolution Imaging of AE Aquarii 1 Run A + 1 Run B1
MN/96A 05 Monitoring the 22GHz H2O Maser Shell of RT Virginis 6 Runs A
MN/96A 06 High Resolution Mapping of Cygnus X-3 3 Runs TO + 2 Runs B2
MN/96A 07 The Masers in OMC-1 6 Runs A + 4 Runs B1
MN/96A 08 H2O Maser Probes of the AGN Disks in NGC1068 and NGC4258 3 Runs A + 2 Runs B1
MN/96A 09 MERLIN Observations of the Jets of Cygnus X-1 1 Run A
MN/96A 10 The Onset of Bipolar Outflow from Red Giant Stars 8 Runs A
MN/96A 13 H2O Maser Probes of the Obscuring Torus in Seyfert Nuclei 6 Runs A
MN/96A 14 The Winds from Herbig Be Stars 2 Runs A
MN/96A 15 Mapping the Winds from Luminous YSOs 7 Runs A
MN/96A 16 The Morphology of the Most Compact HII Regions 6 Runs A
MN/96A 17 MERLIN K-Band Polarization Observations of CSS Jets 5 Runs A + 2 Runs B1
MN/96A 18 22GHz Continuum and Water Vapour Observations of M82 2 Runs A
MN/96A 19 VLA/MERLIN/VLBA Search for Intermediate-Scale Gravitational Lenses 3x24 Hrs A
MN/96A 20 H2O Maser Search Close to GRS1915 1 Run A + 1 Run B1
MN/96A 21 MERLIN Observations of Three Gravitational Lens Candidates 2 Runs A + 1 Run B2
MN/96A 22 H2O Maser Detection Around Cygnus X-3 1 Run A
MN/96A 23 High Dynamic Range Mapping of 3C273 and 3C446 1 Run A

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