MERLIN Semester 95B Time Awards

The MERLIN Time Allocation Group (TAG) met on 7th and 8th June 1995 to consider applications for observing time on MERLIN during Semester 95B (October 1995 - January 1996). Following previous practice, the highest priority time is awarded A status. Observations cannot be guaranteed, though historically virtually all A status time has been observed. A status time for targets of opportunity is designated as TO time. Any gaps in the scheduled A status time is filled with lower priority B status time. This backup time is then further divided into categories B1 and B2 where B1 has greater priority than B2. No commitment is given to perform backup observations.

For some proposals the inclusion of the Lovell telescope in the array is considered vital, particularly where external phase calibration is difficult and only self-calibration imaging is possible. At present, the MERLIN Review Panel has recommended that PPARC should support the use of the Lovell telescope in MERLIN for only 15 days in the forthcoming semester. The committee have succeeded in accommodating all highly-rated proposals for which the Lovell telescope was considered essential within this 15 day limit. Some very highly rated proposals where Lovell was not considered vital, have been awarded additional time to that requested so as to secure the requisite sensitivity. For a number of proposals the committee nevertheless felt that the availability of the Lovell telescope would be of very considerable scientific benefit and have recommended that means be found to allow a further 9 days of Lovell time in this semester. Should the additional Lovell time become available, any modifications to the allocated time are shown in brackets. The time allocated does not include Lovell unless stated.

49 proposals were received for semester 95B giving an oversubscription rate of 2.5.

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MN/95B 01 Structures of OH Main-line Masers in Semi-Regular Stars 1 Run Lovell A
(2 Runs Lovell A)
MN/95B 02 High Resolution Observations of Jets in Low Luminosity RGs 2 Runs Lovell A
MN/95B 03 OH MERLIN Observations of the Binary Mira Star O Cet 1 Run Lovell A
MN/95B 04 T.O. Studies of Classical and Recurrent Novae 2 Runs TO + 2 Runs B2
MN/95B 05 Circumstellar Environments of WR146 and WR147 1 Run B2
MN/95B 08 OH/IR Stars and the Galactic Centre Distance 6 Runs Lovell A + 3 Runs A
MN/95B 09 A Survey of DRAGNs at High Redshift 3 Runs B1
MN/95B 10 H and OH Absorption Studies of Nearby Active Galaxies 10 Runs A
MN/95B 11 MERLIN and ISO Observations of Flares from Cygnus X-3 7 Runs TO + 3 Runs B2
MN/95B 13 OH Maser Emission as a Probe of the Obscuration in NGC1068 1 Run Lovell A
(2 Runs Lovell A)
MN/95B 14 Detailed Imaging at of 3c368 and 3c324 1 Run A
MN/95B 15 OH Masers in Star-Forming Regions 4 Runs A
(4 Runs A + 1 Run Lovell A)
MN/95B 16 Less Fearsome DRAGNs at High Redshift 5 Runs A + 5 Runs B1
MN/95B 17 A New Einstein-Ring: the First M/L ratio for a High-Z Glaxy 1 Run A
(1 Run Lovell A)
MN/95B 19 Mapping of Radio Ring Gravitational Lenses 1 Run Lovell A + 4 Runs A
(3 Runs Lovell A + 1 Run A)
MN/95B 21 Magnetic Fields in Starforming Regions 2 Runs Lovell A + 3 Runs A
MN/95B 23 The Non-Thermal Emission of V729 Cyg 1 Run Lovell A + 1 Run A
MN/95B 24 Observations of Young Planetary Nebulae 2 Runs B2
MN/95B 25 Follow-Up of JVAS Gravitational Lens Candidates 24 Hours A
MN/95B 26 Mapping the Jet of 3C345 on Intermediate Scales 1 Run A
MN/95B 28 Tangential Masing Gain From Some OH Masers 1 Run A
MN/95B 29 H and OH Absorption Against M82 1 Run Lovell A + 1 Run A
MN/95B 30 The CFA Sample of Seyferts - 1.5GHz MERLIN Observations 14 Runs B1
MN/95B 31 Recurrent Jet in the Seyfert Galaxy IRAS0421+040 1 Run A
MN/95B 32 PKS 1413+135: A Young or Frustrated Radio Galaxy 1 Run A
MN/95B 33 The Jet of 3C66B: Rotation Measure and Depolarization 1 Run A
MN/95B 35 Observations of 4 FR-I Radio Galaxies 3 Runs A
MN/95B 36 Probing the Nuclei of Active Galaxies with OH Megamasers 2 Runs A
MN/95B 38 Candidates For Gravitationally Lensed Radio Lobes 2X24 Hours A
MN/95B 39 L1551 IRS5 Radio Jet: The Transition into Optical Jets and HH Objects 2 Runs Lovell A
MN/95B 40 The DG Tau Jet: Accreted Gas to Highly Collimated Jets 4 Runs A
(2 Runs Lovell A)
MN/95B 41 Deep Imaging of the New Quadruple Lensed System 1608+656 1 Run A
MN/95B 42 Comparison of Short and Long Asymmetric Jets 1 Run B2
MN/95B 43 Spectral Investigations of CLASS Gravitational Lens Candidates 24 Hours A
MN/95B 47 Polarimetric Imaging of IR10214+4724 2 Runs A
(1 Run Lovell A)
MN/95B 48 Deep Imaging of 3C368 and 3C324 1 Run A
MN/95B 49 Imaging of the z=3.6 Radio Galaxy TX1243+036 1 Run A

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