MERLIN Archive Visibility Data Retrieval Form

Release 2.1 Jan 2006

Apologies, at present your results URL are not automatically returned. Please carry out your search as below (one data set at a time) and then email with the approximate time (UT) when you made your query and the target, and I will send you the URL. Use this form to extract automatically processed visibility data for archived sources. At present, most L- and C-band continuum data (around 1.4 and 5 GHz) taken between 1992-1999 inclusive, are available.
The data will be retrieved as a multi-source FITS file (SPLAT) exported from AIPS for the field requested in each processing block (up to one month long). Owing to a bug, the results will be unpredictable if more than one suitable data set exists. Please use the archive query form to identify the date range within which the data you want were observed and restrict the time range appropriately so that you retrieve one dataset at a time. This will be fixed as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience. Associated calibration sources and solution, flag etc. tables will be included. The data for the field alone will also be written out as a single-source, single channel SPLIT file with any relevant calibration applied. See the archive query form for the source originally observed and the MERLIN User Guide for futher data reduction and other information. Please use the acknowledgement in any publication.

For further details contact
This is an experimental service so feedback and reports of any problems are welcome.

After submitting the completed form, you will be directed to a page giving your results. Data extraction may take 2 min - hours depending on the amount of data. When complete, you can download your data.

R.A. and Dec. Enter in format 23:55:03.3820 +28:38:01.050 (sexagesimal) or 358.7640917 28.633625 (degrees)
in Equinox Enter J for J2000 or B for B1950 (default J)
Source name If used, must be exact name used for MERLIN observations

Optional (leave defaults if wished, do not leave blank)
Field size (arcsec) If you request a field of view <21 arcsec diameter at a position closer than 11 arcsec to the original pointing centre, data will be squashed to a single frequency channel; for wider fields multi-channel data will be supplied. The maximum MERLIN field of view is a few tens of arcmin, depending on frequency and configuration.
Frequency and frequency tolerance Enter in format 1420.0 100.0 (MHz) or leave default for all available bands:
1370-1430 MHz or 1550-1730 MHz (L-band)
4500-5200 MHz or 6000-7000 MHz (C-band)
Start and end times Use format YYYMMDD or leave default for all epochs (most L- and C-band continuum data from 1993-1999 inclusive is available and an increasing amount outside those dates).

This service uses ParselTongue, Python, Perl, MiniSQL, CGI and AIPS. Anita Richards January 2006