MERLIN Picture Gallery

Welcome to the MERLIN picture gallery. Here there are a number of pictures from the MERLIN archive.

Sources observed in 1993 at L-band (1.4 - 1.6 GHz, wavelength 18 - 21 cm).
The contours on these images are set at -1,1,2,4... x the 3 sigma noise level of each map. The synthesised beam size is shown at the bottom left corner.


3C207 is a double-lobed radio-loud quasar. It has a very high infrared luminosity. Source Details... and the Archive page.

3C305 is a low-redshift (z=0.0417), relatively low radio power galaxy. It has a prominent extended emission line region of roughly the same dimension as the lobes. Source Details... and the Archive page.

M82, at a distance of 11,000,000 light years away, is one of the nearest starburst galaxies to Earth. Massive stars are forming and expiring at a rate ten times higher than in our galaxy. The compact radio sources seen in this map are mainly young supernova remnants. Source Details..., the Archive page and a link to more information about observations of M82.
MG0414+053 is a quadruply lensed quasar system. At the centre is the red galaxy at redshift z=0.96. Source Details... and the Archive page.
NGC3227 is the first Seyfert galaxy in which a strong link between the reddening and intrinsic UV absorption has been found. Source Details... and the Archive page.


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